UPDATE - Bitcoin's price is over $1000 USD to 1 BTC. ($1100 to 1btc as of this writing).  I've decided to offer at the reasonable price of $9,888. The domain is listed at various marketplaces.

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We are willing and able to accept a payment plan via Epik, which is a full service domain name registrar, for NameSilo also has the ability to offer a domain payment plan. If this interests you or your company for acquiring, let us know. We would be happy to discuss what works best for you, your company, or start-up.

While Blockchain tech is arguable more important compared to Bitcoin, at least for large banks and financial companies, Blockchain is still an important part of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

____ is a domain that is available if you want to make an offer.

I had available on several marketplaces at a BIN (Buy it Now) price. Most of the offers I got on this domain were people kinda just wasting my time. Therefore is still open to offers but since I have had development plans for I'm only accepting offers right now.

To make an offer on feel free to email - d AT I will reply as quickly as I can

I can accept payments via Escrow, Epik Escrow, and Payoneer Escrow. My preference is to use an escrow service being paid with USD. I will consider a domain using Bitcoin (BTC) for, if you are a trustworthy and well known company in the space.

What is a Blockchain?

This is one of the most common questions I get asked.

Basically a Blockchain is a huge open public ledger of each transaction that has taken place. This is the foundation for how Bitcoin operates and other cyrptocurrencies and onlinge digital coins. Each transaction is a "link" against the last transaction. This makes fraud and tampering with the system extremely hard.

The two main concepts behind Blockchain are;

They are literally "Blocks" in a "Chain". The Blocks are cryptographically hashed against the last one, making it extremely hard to break the link.

All transactions are recorded and chained together. Nobody can edit or tamper with a Blockchain. Since the database and ledger are distributed it makes it extremely hard to hack it.

Blockchain technology is how Bitcoin and other digital currencies operate. It allows them to verify transactions took place and the authenticity of currency. 

There are a lot of explanations of the technology. Most are too preachy and confusing. Here is a good one but long by Paul Anders.

There are lots of Blockchain Research and Development (R&D) right now being done by lots of financial companies and banks. They hate Bitcoin but love Blockchain technology.

A good example is the Royal Mint will allow people to trade digital gold which represents real gold bullion. The platform will be based on Blockchain and you will get digital coin instead of having to hold the gold.

The idea of Blockchains are being tested in many different fields. The US Health department even put out a prize for whitepapers to improve healthcare.