UPDATE - Currently Bitcoin's price is hovering around $1000 USD to 1 BTC. I've decided to list at $49,987. The domain is listed at various marketplaces. 

While Blockchain tech is arguable more important compared to Bitcoin, at least for large banks and financial companies, Blockchain is still an important part of Bitcoin economy. is a domain that is available if you want to make an offer.

I had available on several marketplaces at a BIN (Buy it Now) price. Most of the offers I got on this domain were people kinda just wasting my time. Therefore is still open to offers but since I have development plans for I'm only accepting offers right now.

To make an offer on feel free to email - d AT I will reply as quickly as I can

I can accept payments via and Epik Escrow. My preference is to use an Escrow service being paid with USD but I will consider a domain purchase using Bitcoin.

What is a Blockchain?

This is one of the most common questions I get asked.

Basically a Blockchain is a huge open public ledger of each transaction that has taken place. This is the foundation for how Bitcoin operates and other cyrptocurrencies and onlinge digital coins. Each transaction is a "link" against the last transaction. This makes fraud and tampering with the system extremely hard.

This is why you've seen major banks and financial companies invest in Blockchain R&D.