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.LINK Websites and Services 

  • Support.link - Support.link is a way for the public to support creators, artists, musicians and more. 
  • Chain.link - Chain.link is a smart contracts platform for sending payments anywere. Built and powered on the Blockchain. 
  • Market.link - From LinkPool.io, the leading provider of Chain.link nodes. Market.link connect smart contracts with LINK currency. 
  • Pay.link - Payments aimed at the restaurant industry, no app required, only a .link. 
  • Password.link - Allows you to securely send passwords to friends, co-workers, family members, web developers, etc. using a single access AES 256 Bit encryption. Links are viewed once, then destroyed. 
  • Roof.link - Simple software for roofing companies and contractors. Handle all payments and contracts through Roof.link. 
  • Library.link - Libraries have great resources and Library.link aimes to help connect them all. 
  • App.link - Is a service from Branch.io for deep linking. App.link is used across lots of apps in the iOS and Android ecosystem. 
  • Wow.link -  This is a URL management service for handling and tracking links across all your media channels. 
  • Unbloc.link - This service allows the user to anonymize internet browsing sessions. 
  • Size.link - A service from Shopify that allows people to use Augmented Reality (AR) to visualize the size of objects in your space. You can then share a Size.link with friend, customers, or on social media for opinions. 
  • Business.link - Co-working spaces in Poland and the Czech Republic. 
  • Invite.link - A simple invitation platform. 
  • Live.link - A way to connect with others at events, concerts and venues.
  • Share.link - Share.link is a great tool for collecting, organizing, and sharing links with friends, co-workers, and family. You can make links on certain topics and even have people engage and comment on your link shares. 
  • Marketing.link - Digital marketing agency based in New York City and Kyiv, Ukraine. 

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